140410 SPAO - HaeMin being dorks

Title: I Want...
Artist: Hyukjae
Played: 438 times

noba-dee. noba-dee. but. you.

noba-dee. noba-dee. but. YOOOU.

Title: You are my GERFREN
Artist: Hyukjae
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well hello, boyfran

Heechul’s Humiliation GOF 3rd Teaser

I’m so disappointed. Does anyone remember how Tumblr used to be? It was an escape. An escape from bullies, bitches, stress, hard times, family problems, ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends. What the fuck has it become? Just scrolling through my dashboard, I’ve seen at least 3 people being sent abuse and hate. Take a step back and think about who the fuck you are and what the fuck you are doing. That’s not what tumblr’s about. If you are against hate, then reblog this.

Leeteuk’s sister, Park Inyoung is going to Jindo County (where the ship sank) to do voluntary work.

(cr: 韩流音悦Tai)